Diplomat stood in front of national flags April 22

3 Areas of Focus for Fulfilling the Highest Call of Leadership You’ve Been Given

Stephen Covey once said “Most people think of leadership as a position and therefore don’t see themselves as leaders.” Yet as Christians we forget we have been given the highest title of leadership that can be given, that of Ambassador.  The definition of an Ambassador is a diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign  or state to another as its resident representative. As a high ranking representative the Ambassador holds a […]

Lifebouy in Water April 21

Quoted in American Express Open Forum Article

I was recently interviewed by writer Julie Bawden-Davis for an article entitled Keep Your Business Afloat During a Crisis to talk about what entrepreneurs and leaders can do to prepare, survive and thrive when an unexpected crisis arises. In the interview I talk about Responding positively Reconnecting spiritually Reinventing if necessary You can get the details […]

A rising tide April 14

When Lifting Yourself Up Isn’t About Yourself

I had the blessing to sit across the table from a precious woman of God recently who has been serving the Lord internationally for several decades through her ministry WOW International. It was a great meeting with a lot of progress towards a common goal we both share. But as I reflected on the meeting […]

Modern woman dancing at studio. March 24

This is How We Roll….

Whether the music you listen to is rap, country, Christian or all three you can find a song with the title of this post in the lyrics. Urban dictionary defines the saying – This is how we roll: to “tell others how cool you do things when everyone already knows your not”. While it’s a fun […]

AristotleQuote March 18

The Fear Every Christian Leader Must Overcome

One of the biggest fears a Christian Leader must overcome in order to grow personally, professionally and to fulfill God’s purpose is the FEAR OF CRITICISM. And for women it is likely the biggest roadblock to living with authenticity. Granted the desire to fit in and to be accepted is ingrained in us starting at […]

ValorieBurton March 05

Leadership Spotlight with Valorie Burton

Excited to be bringing to you today another featured leadership spotlight post here at Karen Zeigler for Women in Leadership.  These posts are designed to add value to your leadership journey by offering a sneak peek into the lives of other successful women in leadership via an interview. By taking the time to learn from […]

WomanBuilder February 24

Woman – What Are You Building?

Unless you’ve heard me speak you may not realize one of the quirks that makes me – Me. I just love it when I find women in scripture.  So much so that I get this wonderful grin on my face. Perhaps it’s because women mentioned in the Bible are rare. Perhaps its because despite their […]

Gods Power Weakness February 10

What is a Christian Leader To Do with Their Weaknesses?

Expert advice on the subject of weaknesses ranges from ignore them to work to improve them.  I on the other hand say don’t do either of those.  In today’s post I want to give you 3 P’s for handling your weaknesses but first let’s define what weakness we are talking about.   We are not […]

Promise Land Leader January 27

Are You a Promise Land Leader?

I ask this of myself recently as I stumbled across the following verse when reading the story of Joshua again. On that day the Lord exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel; so that they revered him, just as they had revered Moses all the days of his life. Joshua 4:14 NIV Weary, doubting, and tired from their […]

Friday Faves 8162013 January 10

Friday Favs

Happy Friday! Welcome to the start of the weekend. As your mind it turned to the weekend I’m sure there are all sorts of fun and exciting plans with family, friends and enjoying your favorite hobby.  As for me one of my favorites is READING and nothing could round out a great weekend than getting […]


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